Teller transactions management

What is eTeller?
  • An intranet web application with the aim to support the bank’s teller on his daily work related to deposit, exchange transaction, purchase/sell coins and precious metals.
  • A front-end to the central system to check and book teller transaction in on line and off line mode.


  • The architecture of eTeller is based on a server linked on the one hand to the host system through a middleware, and on the other side to the client in WEB mode.
  • Server is composed of a Web server and an application server. 
    Single clients (teller) are used only as a browser through which all information related to teller transactions is managed.
  • eTeller has it’s own data base to manage processing rules, basic data, booking rules, communication rules, etc.
  • A host interface to enforce check and booking according predefined rules.
  • Interface between eTeller and TWINSAFE .
  • Multilingual.