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Optimize Income & Corporate Actions process!

Optimize Income & Corporate Actions process!

The Corporate Actions market is changing and expanding fast. 

The increasing complexity of the sector requires the use of a relevant number of resources with the inevitable increase of management costs.

The important goals for the application system are:

  • Reduction of manual operations;
  • On line and real-time processing of Capital Operations Transactions;
  • Flexible software to support future functional requirements;
  • Capture, cleansing and normalisation of event announcements from multiple sources based on ISO 15022 standard;
  • Automatic authorization of transactions;
  • Improve Client Advice;
  • Reduce operational risks with improved transaction controls;

To answer to these new demands of the market, APSOFT, in collaboration with ABN AMRO Zurich, developed a new modern and flexible application to manage corporate action events. 
The INCA (INcome, Corporate Actions) product is built as an independent application, running on a dedicated server and communicating with the Host System. INCA uses a completely user-definable workflow model to adapt to the new needs of the market.
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